Route map 2019

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Below the 2019 route plan


Route​ 2019

​POI 1 CC Palethe
POI 2 Pelterke: old cemetary wall
POI 3 Pelterke: playground
POI 4 Lindepaadje
POI 5 Rodenbachlaan
POI 6 Lod Lavkistraat
POI 7 Little Square at the Monument
POI 8 Pelle Melle service center
POI 9 Police Office
POI 10 De Heuf
From De Heuf: 400 m walk to Mariaziekenhuis (local hospital)

Route​ 2019

POI 11 Oude Markt (Old Market)
POI 12 City Hall
POI 13 Nieuwe Markt (New Market)
POI 14 Ursulinnenstraat
POI 15 Presbytery Garden
POI 16 Presbytery Garden / Kerkdijk
POI 17 Kerkdijk
POI 18 Old Cemetary Wall / Kerkdijk
From CC Palethe to:
– Swimming Pool Dommelslag 2 km
– Residential and Care Center St. Joseph 2,6 km
– Public Library Neerpelt 2,6 km
– Prov. Domain Dommelhof 2,8 km

Where can you find photos by which photographer?

Walking along the route you will find information boards with the names of the photographers whose photos are exhibited in the nearby area.