Video clips about the exhibited images


Following on from edition 2021 of Lens op de Mens, we would again like to add video clips that tell the story of the photographer and his photos.
All authors of the exhibited photos may submit a video clip in which they give a concise explanation about their photo(s) and possibly introduce themselves briefly.

All photos for which a corresponding video also exists will have a QR code that allows visitors to view this video via YouTube on a portable device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

You can use these links to view some videos from 2021 for now. We hope it will be again a nice added value to the festival.

Rules for submitting video clips


Format, quality and length


The submitted video must be in HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels – 16:9). The videos must also have the correct codecs and file extension suitable for uploading to YouTube.

YouTube recommends the following:

  • file extension: MP4
  • format 16:9 (1920x1080px for HD)
  • video codec: H.264
  • audio codec: AAC-LC.

The submitted videos must have a sufficiently high picture and sound quality and may have a maximum duration of 120 seconds.
No music may be heard or added to the videos.
The file name of the video must be First Name_Last Name_photograph sequence number.extension (mp4).
For example: John_Smith_A328.mp4 or Mary_Winters_P182.mp4
The photo sequence number is the number that appears at the bottom right of the sample photo that was sent, made up of an A+number for a photo from the amateur category or P+number for a photo from the professional category.
If the video describes a series of photos, it is sufficient to state the lowest sequence number in the file name.


Copyrights and releases


The submitter must have all usage rights of the submitted video:

  • of the video itself
  • of all the photographs shown in the video
  • if applicable, to the works of art, buildings, etc. shown in the video (copyright releases and ownership releases)
  • the consent of all persons recognisable in the video (model releases).


Usage rights by Lens Op De Mens – Fotofestival Pelt npo


It is the intention that the videos are used to give a short explanation about an image, a series of images and/or the author of the images in question. Therefore, a QR code will be provided with each exhibited photo, of which there is also an accompanying video, which makes it possible to view the video via YouTube on a portable device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

By submitting his/her work the photographer/sender grants the npo “Lens op de Mens – Fotofestival Pelt” explicit permission to publish the videos on the organisation’s YouTube channel and social media.

By submitting his/her work the photographer/sender also grants the npo “Lens op de Mens – Fotofestival Pelt” the right to use the submitted videos for the promotion of the international photo festival “Lens op de Mens”.

The festival has the right to add opening and closing credits to the videos in order to obtain a uniformity between all the videos. 


Submission and deadline


The videos should be submitted before 1 June 2023 via to the email address

Tips on how to improve your video clips


  • always film in horizontal mode when filming with your mobile phone
  • do not film with the backlight of a window in the background
  • say something about your selected photo(s), that’s what we really like to see
  • don’t make it an advert for your company, that’s not the intention
  • introduce yourself briefly, no life story, no long list of education, etc.
  • make sure your mobile phone or camera does not move
  • the selfie position with outstretched arm is not recommended
  • put your mobile phone or camera on something or use a (table) tripod
  • choose a nice background without disturbing bright coloured areas
  • keep all the mess out of the picture



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