SUBMITTING PHOTOS: October 10th, 2022 – February 6th, 2023

In this TUTORIAL you will be guided step by step in submitting your photos


  • The competition is open for professional and amateur photographers of a high level.
  • The theme of the photos is ‘Lens op de mens’ meaning that photos have to be about people in the large meaning of the word. For example, photos can represent documentaries or art.
  • Before submitting photos, the photographer must first register on the Lens op de Mens – Fotofestival Pelt vzw site
  • After registration on the website of the festival the photo files can be uploaded to the festival
  • Every photographer can upload a maximum of 10 photos.
  • To complete his/her photo upload the photographer has to pay 20 euro for every photo uploaded to share costs. Payments can be made on the special payments page of this website.
  • Uploading photos is only valid after payment has been made.
  • The submission period starts October 10th, 2022 and ends February 6th, 2023 at midnight.
  • Photos are selected by an international jury depending on photographic qualities. It is not possible to appeal against their decision.
  • The copyright of all images submitted remains with the copyright holder. However the Pelt Photo Festival ‘Lens op de Mens’ reserves the right to use any of the images submitted, without payment, for display and publicity purposes for this and future Pelt Photo Festival projects. It is vital that the candidate obtains the permission of the client and/or the copyright holder and any relevant model release forms, where appropriate before submitting the work.
  • Photos have to be submitted as jpg-files, compression High (10-12). The longest side of the pictures must be 50 cm (= 5906 pixels at 300 dpi).
  • The filename must be composed as: Name_First Name_number.jpg
    for example: Johnsson_John_1
  • When the festival is finished and the exhibition is dismantled, the photographer can collect all photos. This will be in October 2023 at set days and times. These will be advised at a future date. If the photographer doesn’t collect the photos, they will automatically become property of the organization. Photos selected for other exhibitions can’t be collected by the photographer.


  • The selected photos will be printed by the organization without any extra cost to the participating photographer and exhibited during the open air exhibition.

  • The name of the photographer will be displayed under each photo. Logos of partners and sponsors can also be included under the photo.

  • The name of the photographer will be displayed under each photo by the organization. Logos of partners and sponsors can also be included under the photo.
  • Photos can be selected by the organisation and may be passed on to other exhibitions. These photos will remain property of the organization. We will notify the selected photographers by email.
  • Any indecent or pornographic photos will be refused by the organization.


The selected photos are automatically entered into a competition. Prizes are awarded in different categories.

Awards for amateur photographers

  • gold
  • silver
  • bronze
  • honorable mentioning

Awards for professional photographers

  • gold
  • silver
  • bronze
  • honorable mentioning

Prize for the most promising photographer younger than 30 years old.

Prize for the best ‘Corona photo’, the photo that portrays the regained joy and freedom after the coronapandemic and its effect on ‘man’ with the most humour

Prize for the most creative photography

Participants agree to all rules when submitting photos.


  • A registration will only become definitive after the registration of the participant, upload of the photos and payment of 20 euros per photo submitted.
  • After paying 20 euros per photo submitted, the participant can still add extra photos or remove photos and replace them with other photos.
  • After each photo upload, the photographer is notified by e-mail that the upload was successful.
  • The notification “Your photo has not been accepted yet, you have to wait for confirmation!” means that the photo has been added to the list for the judges who will decide whether or not the photo will be admitted to the exhibition.
  • Participants will be informed by email in the course of March whether or not their photos have been selected by the jury for the exhibition.
  • If the final number of photos submitted is higher than the number originally paid for, an additional payment of 20 euros per additional photo is required to ensure valid participation.
  • If the final number of photos submitted is lower than the number originally paid for, the participant CANNOT reclaim the overpaid amount.
  • By submitting the photos and completing the registration form the photographer gives permission for the submitted photos to be used at the international photo festival ‘Lens op de Mens’, including upcoming editions.
  • Participants agree to all rules when submitting photos.
  • The jury’s decisions are final and uncontested. There’s no correspondence about the course and outcome of the judging.
  • Lens op de Mens – Photo Festival Pelt vzw reserves the right to postpone or cancel the competition, or not to choose a photo if the circumstances so require.


Big thanks to the many passionate photo enthusiasts for the record breaking number of submitted images in 2021
We invite you to submit your photos for the 4th edition between 10 October 2022 and 6 February 2023